It’s a really nice letter, the kind only Masana could write…
As expected of our poet.

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Dear Jurina, 
Happy Birthday!
You finally turned into the a blooming 17 years old girl!
It feels like your appearance and age finally became closer. 
Now here’s a story from the time we first met, though you may have forgotten about it.

There were 3 girls in 6th year of grade school at the time.
Each one of them was a very level headed grade schooler. 
I’m referring to the three members that the one with the helium voice (tln: Shinkai Rina) called “brats” on stage: You, my grandchild (tln: Mori Sayuki) and the girl with big round eyes. (tln: Maekawa Aika)
One day we decided to play hide and seek and well, I myself don’t really remember all the details, but I’m pretty sure you were among those who had to hide.  
You hid into a cardboard.
I guess I was the one being found out first.
In any case, you were the only one that was yet to be found.  
It was sure that you had to be somewhere in the dressing room, so the girl who was searching made a prank pretending to obviously leave the dressing room.
To make that feel real, she said things like: “She’s not here, is she?” “Maybe she’s not in the room”, she turned the lights off and time passed silently for a while. 
I wonder how much time passed…but then I could hear your voice from the box, going like. “Masanaaa! Masanaaa!”.
And your voice would sound more and more worried. 
Even now I can still hear that voice.
Your happy and relieved expression as I pretended to find you and opened up the box, was really that of an innocent grade schooler.
Say, do you remember?

However, that scene of you is still here, ever since then…
The image of you, feeling worried and lonely, but enduring it, inside a small box. 
I feel like that you still exists, somewhere that it’s not for us to see.

But I’m too soft on you. I always end up taking you under my wings. 
Still, sometimes I do express opinions that you wouldn’t want to listen.
When I do, you stay quiet and listen, pondering in order to understand what I’m saying.
Of course you also talk back, you properly speak out your opinions and I perceive that as the communication of our real feelings. 

Today is to be celebrated. 17 years old. Seventeen!
May you be the 17 years old Jurina that shines the brightest in the world.
I want to keep being in a place that will allow me to answer “Yes?” each time you’ll call out for my name, saying “Masana!”
I wish you happiness!



Masanya is always great with words ^^ This is a really nice letter ^^